Hello, my name is Domagoj Salopek. Welcome to my website. Reading this blog will be like a "small excursion into my mind", as I will share things I made, things that inspire me and there might even be some useful development tips. Thank you for visiting, I hope you find something helpful.

About this website

You can read various C# ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, PHP and Networking topics and advice, as well as some of my random thoughts about work and life in general. I will also share code, work, videos and citations of others which I find inspiring.

Professional Me

My full-time job is building web applications and sites using Microsoft technologies - ASP.NET (C#) and Microsoft SQL Server.

I love how computers have improved and continue to improve our lives. I love how they enable us to share information with nearly all the citizens of the planet Earth. So, it’s no wonder that I choose to pursue a career in Information Technologies, and specialize in working with things that connect us:

  • Web Development
  • Programming Web Applications
  • Networking - Routing and Switching

I graduated from a Technical high school in Slavonski Brod and got my Baccalaureates title from Information technology in Business Systems programme at the Faculty of Organisation and Informatics, VaraĹždin. I was a Cisco Certified Networking Associate, but the Certificate expired.

I love working with all major Operating Systems. I’m by no means an „evangelist” of anything, but I prefer Microsoft Technologies. My message to you is: Enjoy working with your preferred technology and leave others to enjoy theirs.

Personal Me

If I had to describe myself with one word I would have to use „optimist”. I try to have a positive look on life in general. Of course, sometimes I don’t succeed, but I always try. I think of myself as a social person and the most important things to me in life are my family and my friends. I love listening to music, especially old-style-rock and metal. I love Formula 1 and all other forms of motorsport. And of course, Whisky. :)

My personal interests and hobbies include:

  • Reading - this is a big one - I prefer mostly non-fiction. I am interested in everything about our world but besides development books and literature. I mostly read about ethics and morality, social issues and philosophy.
  • Exploring our world and culture
  • Watching Formula 1 and other forms of motorsport