Microsoft Edge Splash Screen

How to always start Microsoft Edge in InPrivate Mode

Do you Like just a little bit more privacy that browser incognito modes offer, as opposed to "normal" mode? Or do you simply look at A LOT of Porn and simply want to save a precious few seconds to switch to InPrivate mode? 

But seriously, there are many other benefits of InPrivate browsing, other than the obvious ones - hiding your browsing history. For example, unbiased Search results, reduced possibilities of tracking you all over the web, or simply testing your latest Web Development efforts.

Whatever your reasons may be, you might want to always start your web browser in Private or Incognito modes. So, here's how to do that for Microsoft Edge.

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Getting started with Virtualization - Create a Ubuntu Virtual Machine

This will be brief but (excuse me for saying so myself) a cool little blog post about getting started with virtualization. We'll get into an example right away and some minutes from now you'll be testing your website in real IE6 on a virtual machine. Don't care about IE6? Fine, later in the article we'll quickly create our own little machine where you can install any software you might find useful.

We'll install Ubuntu. Why? Because it's free and cool.

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Server Room

Setup your own small dedicated server

In this blog post we'll do something different. We'll use an old computer to setup a dedicated web server using Ubuntu Server edition, Apache and MySQL server.

What you'll need

  • A blank CD
  • An old computer with CD drive
  • Some free time (3 hours approximately)
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